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When the Florida legislature transformed the laws that govern how families will move forward after divorce, and how never married co-parents can share the responsibility or raising children together, they were responding to the changes in our society. The structures that Florida law have put into place help ensure that regardless of the parents' relationship with each other, each party understands the responsibility to the child. If you are facing the prospect of coming up with a time-sharing schedule and parenting plan as part of your divorce settlement agreement, attorney David Scott Glicken has the sensitivity and compassion to help you develop a plan that will work for you, your child and your co-parent.

How is a time-sharing plan established in Florida?

Time-sharing is a concept that replaces the old model of primary child custody with one parent and visitation with the other parent. Time-sharing places the child at the center of things, and it encourages parents to find a way to spend equal time and develop a bonded, continuous relationship with the child.

In the case of unmarried parents where paternity of the child is in question or is being contested, but the father still wants to play a part in the child's life, he may have to establish paternity so that he can exercise his right to parenting time with his child.

The time-sharing plan is an integral part of the parenting plan, which is a court-ordered document that contains a detailed overview of aspects of the child's life. Florida law (61.13) has expanded the list of factors that the courts will consider when they are designating parental responsibilities between the two parties.

How does supervised parenting time get factored into the parenting plan?

There are many factors that can contribute to the need for supervised parenting time on the part of one (or even both) of the co-parents. The court can order supervised visitation with the child if there has been domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, substance abuse or anger issues. If one of the parties has been ordered to have supervised visitation that information needs to be included in detail the parenting plan. Regardless of what the parent might have done in the past, the court does not want to violate the parent's rights to maintain a bonded relationship with the child.

An experienced family law attorney such as David Scott Glicken can help you and your co-parent take all the various issues related to establishing a parenting plan and a time-sharing schedule for your child.

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