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The battle over who will get primary custody of the children is still one of the most contentious issues divorcing couples will face. Children need consistent, dependable access to both parents to thrive, but so often when the divorce conflict gets ugly, parents forget that it is the children's best interest and not theirs that is at stake. The Glicken Law Firm has been representing families in crises for more than 35 years. We can help you resolve your differences and come to an agreement that will be acceptable for everyone.

In the fall of 2008, the state of Florida completely revised how family law cases involving minor children are handled. Instead of thinking and speaking in terms of who gets awarded primary custody of the child, we are now focusing on co-parenting with each parent having equal responsibility for the raising, nurturing and support of the child. Now, the terminology used in Florida family court is time sharing with regard to the schedule of visitation, and parental responsibility is shared between both parents with all decisions flowing from whatever is in the best interest of the child in the form of a written, court-ordered parenting plan.

What is a parenting plan and what does it cover?

The parenting plan must be approved by the court, and it must include all the details related to the upbringing and well-being of the child. It should include items such as:

  • Time-sharing schedule
  • Healthcare decisions
  • Education
  • Religious training
  • Social and extracurricular activities
  • How they will celebrate birthdays
  • Vacations

Both parents must contribute to the development of the parenting plan. Every effort should be made to make sure that all the pertinent details about the child's life are included because, for this plan to be modified by the court, you must show a substantial change in circumstances such as the relocation of one of the parties. If the parties cannot agree to the terms of the parenting plan, the court will make the final decision.

If one party does not abide by the guidelines or refuses to comply with the parenting plan, the court may allow the parent who was denied time with the child additional time to make up for the time lost. If one parent incurs attorney fees and court costs to have the time-sharing plan enforced, the offending parent may be ordered to reimburse the other for those costs, or do community service if it does not interfere with the well-being of the child. The court can impose other sanctions as it sees fit; it can modify the parenting plan and it can shift more of the financial burden to the parent who lives more than 60 miles away from the other parent.

When a parent who is obligated to pay alimony or child support has failed to pay it, this will have no bearing on the time-sharing program. If the parent who is paying child support has had time- sharing rights with the children violated, that parent must still pay the court-ordered child support.

What is time sharing?

Time sharing is a concept that seeks to divide the child's time as equally as possible between the two parents. It also represents equal rights and responsibilities for both parents. No longer is the mother assumed to have primary custody and the father to have weekend visitation after divorce. Now all of it is considered to be parenting time.

There are several factors that the court takes into consideration when the parenting plan and time-sharing schedule are established. In an ideal scenario, neither parent would have primary custody of the child, unless the court finds that shared parental responsibility would be detrimental to the child.

Developing parenting plans and time-sharing schedules is complicated and time consuming. The Glicken Law Firm has worked with countless families to help them work out the details and come up with a plan that works for all parties concerned. If it comes to the point of going to court, attorney David Scott Glicken is a strong advocate who will protect your interests.

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