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Where Should You File for Divorce?

When filing for divorce, you typically must do so in the state you or your spouse currently lives in. Increasingly, however, couples who own multiple homes located in different states, or who reside apart from each other different states, are finding they have options. In these cases, the couple should take into account a number… Read More »

Moving Out of State with Kids After a Divorce

If you're divorced and you would like to move with your children to a different state, there may be some restrictions on your ability to do so. Before you decide to make a move, there are some things you need to know about the rights and restrictions regarding your ability to relocate when your children… Read More »

Florida Supreme Court Declines to Take on Same-Sex Marriage Issue

The now well-known Shaw v. Shaw case has been moving through the court system this year, as Florida's Supreme Court sends it back to the appeals court that originally moved it to the state's highest court. Mariama and Keiba Shaw were married in Massachusetts, but when the same-sex couple, now living in Tampa, filed a… Read More »

The Complexities of High-Asset Divorces

Divorce is a difficult issue for any separating couple to navigate, but it can be even more complicated if there are high-value assets or property involved. There are a number of important matters to address in these cases, including: Division of property: In Florida, the law of equitable distribution ensures that all assets are divided… Read More »

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